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What People are Saying

We're always pleased to receive comments from users of The Adventure Map® or Your Guide series. Whether positive or critical they help us discover how we're doing. Simply call, write or email us.

Here are just a few of a lengthy list of unsolicited comments we've received over the years (we're blushing):

"I used your Barron/Achray map last year and found it superb (details of lake fish and cliffs, trail information etc.) easier to read than a topo and the park map (everything on one map). Keep up the good work."
N. Jones

"I just got back to Calgary from a weekend ski touring in Rogers Pass using the new Adventure Map of the area. I was totally blown away by the contour detail and the fact that all the avalanche paths and major glades are shown correctly. I, for one, will buy copies of what ever maps you make in Western Canada!
M. Tindal, Komex Risk Management, Calgary

"First let me tell you how much we have appreciated your maps which have accompanied/guided us on 7 or 8 camping trips in the past three years. They have been quite accurate and informative to the area's we've been."
K. Redekop, Niagara Falls

"Boy, am I impressed with these! Incredible detail and very high quality. I've always used the (Algonquin) Canoe Routes map in the past. These will be much nicer to navigate with especially in those tricky areas. Highly recomended."
"Griz" on Canoe Routes website

"Your maps are great! Just finished the Spanish River using your excellent map."
J. Joven

Your maps are excellent! Keep up the good work. Thanks.
C. Goheen

"We just got back from a canoe trip through the Poker Lake system. Thanks to your map the tour went extremely well. It was great! We look forward to seeing more places with your maps. I wouldn't buy another kind!"
J. Bedard, Kitchener

"wanted to commend you on your Rogers Pass map sheet. It is heads and tails above the (name withheld) map sheet and the Governments (their offerings with 50m contours are useless for climbers and skiers! Glad you have a 25m contour interval."
H. Vaughan

"...without a doubt the best topographic recreation maps made in Canada."
R. McIntosh, Calgary

"The map is excellent....can't say the same for the weather."
D. Auld, Foxboro

"...far superior to government topos and puts other maps we've seen to shame."
J. Quan, Toronto

"This is a great map... "
J. Etches, Dorset

"This is one tough and waterproof map! It ACCURATELY shows the locations of rapids and portages/ campsites plus much more! This is more accurate than my four old topo maps with the penciled in rapids(by me), and alot cheaper!"
G. Miller

"...these maps are a huge improvement over the standard topographic maps...much more useful information than other maps...I like them so much I have bought several of areas I'll probably never visit..." Wilderness Canoe Association Quarterly Journal

"...these are the Cadillac of topo maps."
H. Simmons, Boston

"The best map I've ever seen. Send a catalogue so I can get others." D. Reid, Peterborough

"It's about time somebody made a really good topo map for hiking and paddling."
N. Perrault, Trois Rivieres

"You make the best damn maps I've ever seen!" Canadian government mapmaker
identity hidden to protect the innocent)

"Wow! The Rockwall map looks GREAT! Congratulations on a great product!"
D.M., Parks Canada

"Overall, these maps are much better than the regular government topos for recreation uses, and I highly recommend them." Darren's Outdoor Page

"...she was very complimentary on your series of maps; it was much better than using the (name witheld to protect the innocent) map"
J. R., Hamilton

"I bought a copy of your Frost Centre Area map, and I find it to be delightful and useful."
P. Kremer, Hamilton

"Super maps!!!!!"
B. Mason, Chelsea

"By the way, great maps -- just right for tripping!"
D. Lasby

If you've got something to say about our maps, positive or critical,
please don't hesitate to let us know what it is.