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The Adventure Map® is Canada's finest series of original topographic recreation maps featuring National Parks, Provincial Parks and other popular destinations. These extraordinary guides are specifically designed for outdoor adventurers such as paddlers, hikers and backpackers who need an accurate, up-to-date, rugged map to get them into and safely back from Canada's finest wilderness recreation areas. Note: The Adventure Map® is a registered trademark in Canada and the United States.

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sample custom map


Mapping Services Inc. is a leading publisher of custom-designed, made-to-order maps and promotional products of all types.

We produce stand-alone maps in a wide variety of forms, as well as other high-quality publications for the business, recreation and tourist markets.

We conceptualize, design, layout, offset print and/or web-publish everything from trail guides to tourist brochures to gold mine plans to city transportation guides to snowmobile maps to shopping guides to books to...well, you name it, we've probably worked on something similar.

an array of Chrismar signs


We offer a variety of standard in-stock recreational signs for use on canoeing & sea kayaking , hiking & backpacking, mountain bike, and cross-country ski trails, as well as a No Trespassing (Red Dot) sign.

Popular with parks, conservation areas, summer camps, outdoor education centres, resorts, trail organizations, outfitters and private land owners, they also make great souvenir for outdoor adventurers.

Significant discounts are available on bulk orders. We also create custom products in bulk (typically 100+) on similar materials for a wide variety of clients.

an array of Chrismar signs


Chrismar designs and produces high-quality indoor and outdoor interpretive, trailhead, historical signs, with a range of options from inexpensive weather-proof plexiglass "sandwiches" for client-built wooden frames, up to super-tough fiberglass-embedded panels in a beautiful aluminum pedestal or post frame & stand for all-weather, year-round, long-lasting performance.

Designs can be started from scratch based on a client's raw idea, or we can create an elegant layout given just the raw materials (text, photos), or simply produce the finished sign panel from your print-ready PDF-type file.