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Interpretive & Trailhead Signage

Chrismar has over 20 years experience in producing effective and attractive interpretive, trailhead and custom directional signs. We're full-service too, so we can take the project from concept to research to design to production to installation.

We can start from scratch with just your basic goal and create all the elements needed for an elegant layout, or we can work with basic elements (text, photos, graphics) that you provide, or we can use your ready-to-print PDF-type or raw graphics files to produce the final sign panel.

For mounting Chrismar can provide almost anything from a simple sandwich to place in your existing or self-built wooden frame to a classic metal pedestal or post mount, to an impressive kiosk with decorative roof.

• TuffGlas™ embedded UV fibreglass • 10-year guarantee, proven quality • also a variety of more economical alternatives to fibreglass • indoor display, banners, outdoor temporary and all-weather long-term options • posters, UV inks, up to 60 in. x 8 ft. •

Working with:

• municipalities • provincial parks • national parks •
• trail groups • conservation areas • campgrounds •
• private companies • zoos •

Just a few examples:

Sign - Pedestal Style
One of the most useful formats for interpretive signs is the basic pedestal mount - which puts the interpretive message at an easy reading angle for the viewer.
Sign-Kiosk Style
This kiosk system not only provides several helpful maps - it includes a lockable display box for event notices (other side) and shelter, for both the sign & visitors, from the elements
Sign-Beaver Corps
One of a series of signs for Awenda Provincial Park for their boardwalk trail, designed using existing watercolour artwork and general text ideas. Chrismar provided the fibreglas-embedded sign ready to mount.
Sign-Earl Rowe Fishway
An interpretive sign describing the life of a fish and how they benefit from the local fish ladder. Concept, design, layout, illustration and map elements by Chrismar, in addition to the final weatherproof sign.

Sign-Volcanoes & Ferns

This interpretive sign on the shore of Lake Superior describes how the Lake Superior basin was formed. Original illustrations by Chrismar based on rough conceptual sketches provided by client. 

Sign-Whitby Harbour

This park in Whitby has a rich historical past, so we were able to help tell the story to passers-by through a combination of historic photographs from city archives, a modern aerial shot and concise text blocks.


This circular interpretive sign, innovatively-mounted to an upright (unused) cement sewer pipe in a remote park, required original photographs and illustrations, all provided by Chrismar following a site visit and survey.

Sign-Pancake Changing Seasons

This interpretive sign in northern Ontario was designed to be a colourful introduction to several wildlife themes including local birds and their migration routes, leaf colour changes, fish species and moose life cycles.