Direct Map Order Form

Can't find a local retailer that carries or will special order The Adventure Map® or Your Guide Series? Not keen to order using our On-Line Shopping system (you can't now anyway because it's still in development)? Well, that's o.k. Here's a simple solution. Order direct from Chrismar by downloading this Direct Map Order Form (PDF). Print it out, fill it in, then fax it to (905) 852-9474, or mail it (Chrismar Mapping Service Inc., Box 1277, Uxbridge, Ontario Canada L9P 1N5).

You can also avoid all this foofaraw by simply phoning your order to us at (905) 852-6151. Then we can also answer any questions you might have about the area or how to get there. Can't get through? Leave a message and we'll call you back (landline numbers only, North America and Europe).

Note: If you're looking for books then try our Chrismar Books page and the Direct Book Order Form. If you're looking to order our campsite, portage and trail marker signs, then best to call, fax or email us so we can calculate the most economic shipping for you.

Payment options include personal or business cheque, money order, or Mastercard and Visa credit cards. Prices are listed in Canadian dollars, but US currency adjustments are made near the bottom of the order form for our US and foreign customers paying by cheque or MO. We usually ship within 24 hours. Please ensure that all parts of this order form, including shipping, taxes, and delivery info are completed so that your order is not delayed.

Privacy Policy: It is our policy that all information received on Direct Orders is strictly confidential. We will never provide your name and address to another company or organization.