Uxbridge South
West Strip Topo

At 1:10,000 scale, this topographic (5-metre contours) map provides a detailed view of the west section of the trail-rich southern portion of the Uxbridge South area. This includes the popular conservation lands of North Walker Woods, Wilder Forest & Wildlife Preserve and Brock Tract as well as sections of the Trans Canada and Oak Ridges long-distance trails. There is over 45-kilometres of trails waiting for you here in some of the most beautiful terrain in the region.

On this map you’ll also see primary & secondary trail access points and parking areas, detailed contours, emergency addresses, numbered wayfinding posts, UTM grid lines, extraordinary vegetation details, lakes & ponds, viewpoints, other points of interest, and much more. Flip the map over for loads of useful info about local natural history, descriptions for each tract of land, several highlighted routes with trail profiles, as well as trail etiquette, safety tips, colourful photos and other tidbits.

If you’re looking for a tough, topographic, waterproof map
to take with you on the trails - this is THE one!

Full colour, 4x6” folded, 12x36” flat, waterproof plastic.

Uxbridge South: West Strip Topo - ISBN: 0-929140-02-8 - $9.95

For an excellent overview of the entire Uxbridge South area including the Town of Uxbridge, Countryside Preserve Area and the 3 topographic "strips, purchase a copy of the Uxbridge South Recreational Trails Overview Map. You may also be interested in the Uxbridge Countryside Preserve, a superb mixed forest and meadow hiking area right on the edge of Town.

In addition to this West Strip Topo, neighbouring topographic maps are also available - the East "strip" includes Durham Forest Main Tract, Skyloft and Dagmar area, while the Central “strip” includes the Walker Woods, and Glen Major tracts.

For an idea of the kinds of features you can see on our maps and some sample close-up sections go to our Features/Samples page.

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