Uxbridge South
Recreational Trails

The Uxbridge South area encompasses the lands between Brock Road on the west and Lakeridge Road to the east, and from Goodwood Road (Regional Road 21) south to Concession Road 9. Local hikers may recognize that it covers the trail-rich conservation lands of Walker Woods, Wilder Forest, Glen Major, Durham Forest and Dagmar properties, among others. 

But wait there's more...Just before starting the mapping process the focus was expanded northward to also include the area from Goodwood Road all the way up to Davis Drive, which means the town itself, its Town Trail system and the Countryside Preserve are covered

This is one very detailed map, with almost every residence shown - over 5,500 buildings we’re told - and most business sites, over 25,000 individual trees and forest sections, 54 parks and conservation tracts, and nearly 300-kilometres of trails. And yet it is very clear and easy to read. The back side is covered with text and colour photographs describing the tracts of public land and the important features of each one from a trail users point of view. That includes access points, length of trails, wayfinding post numbers, and the name of the organization that manages the land.

Uxbridge South Recreational Trails Overview - ISBN: 0-929140-01-X - $5.95

We also offer a series of detailed topographic map of three "strips" highlighting the trail-rich southern section of the Uxbridge South area. Three large-scale (1:10,000) maps are available - the Central “strip” includes the Walker Woods and Glen Major areas, the West "strip" includes North Walker Woods, Wilder Forest & Wildlife Preserve, and Brock Tract, and the East "strip" features Durham Forest Main Tract, Skyloft and Dagmar areas.

You may also be interested in the Uxbridge Countryside Preserve, a superb mixed forest and meadow hiking area right on the edge of Town.

For an idea of the kinds of features you can see on our maps and some sample close-up sections go to our Features/Samples page.

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