Quetico Provincial Park
& Area

Quetico Provincial Park, located in northwestern Ontario on the international border with Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in Minnesota, is one of the world's finest paddling destinations.

Quetico is a superb network of beautiful lakes and rivers connected by short portages (average ~300 metres!) that bypass occasional rapids and a large number of waterfalls. Ideal paddling terrain. And the goal here IS wilderness paddling. Period! And that's something you can't say about any other park in North America.

Text and colour photos cover the entire backside of this 91x66cm (26x36 inch) waterproof map (folded to 4x9 inches). You'll find information about the geologic and natural history of the area, the rich human history, pictographs, fishing, backcountry procedures & etiquette, sample routes, safety tips, contact information and much more. There is even a reference system to the major lakes - we've surveyed nearly 6,000 for this map - as well as 564 portages, 32 falls, and over 4,400 islands!

This 1:125,000 scale planning map has extraordinary geographic detail plus ranger stations, entry points, portages, island names, lake elevations, historic attractions and many other features. Also covers areas outside the Park including the northern edge of Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. On waterproof plastic.

Like all Adventure Map® guides this one is completely original. It covers the area of numerous government topos and has considerably more detail. Produced in cooperation with and carefully reviewed by Quetico Provincial Park, who have adopted it as the official map sold by Quetico Provincial Park.

Quetico - ISBN: 0-929140-70-2 - $14.95

Check out the map below for an overview of the region and the Ranger Stations around the Park where your access will begin.

And if you like Quetico, or want a superb momento of the Quetico "Experience" we recommend you consider purchasing Quetico: Into the Wild, a photographic celebration of Quetico's 100th Anniversary. Chrismar designed and published this lovely hardcover book that features the photographic and writing efforts of Joanie and Gary McGuffin during their 3 years of month-long journeys throughout Quetico.

For an idea of the kinds of features you can see on our maps and some sample close-up sections go to our Features/Samples page.

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