Franklin, Mink & McCoy Islands

This is probably the most popular sea kayaking area in all of the Great Lakes. And with sea kayaking growing rapidly in popularity the time is right for this release.

The east shore of Georgian Bay to the west of Parry Sound and Killbear Provincial Park is dotted with thousands of islands. This map, the first of a series along the coast, includes Franklin Island near the coast, the Mink Islands beyond them and the McCoy Islands to the north.

Aside from the extraordinarily beautiful rocky islands, the area has a rich boating, fishing and lighthouse keeping history, with its fair share of shipwrecks and seafaring stories. Much of this fascinating human history is detailed in text which covers the entire backside of this 46x61cm (18x24 inch) waterproof map (folded 4x9 inches).

You'll also find information and great colour photographs about the geologic and natural history of the area, plus significant sections about planning your trip, route suggestions, gear guide, backcountry etiquette, safety concerns, contact information and much more.

This 1:30,000 scale map has extraordinary geographic detail plus special features showing shallow waters, shoals, buoys, ranges, lighthouses and other nautical items. It combines the most useful features of topographic maps and nautical charts, which is just what sea kayakers prefer and have been asking us for. There is even a compass rose.

On waterproof plastic as usual, so sea kayakers can get it as wet as they like without it disintegrating! Can even double as a useful rain hat.

Like all Adventure Maps® this one is completely original and made specifically for the sea kayaking audience. Eagerly anticipated!

Franklin Mink McCoy - ISBN: 0-929140-76-1 - $10.95

If you're looking for an alternative sea kayaking area to visit consider our Philip Edward Island & Area map on the north shore of Georgian Bay. Also great for canoeing in fine weather.

For an idea of the kinds of features you can see on our maps and some sample close-up sections go to our Features/Samples page.

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