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We've been wanting to update our web site forever, but have only recently had the time to give it a shot. A lot has changed since Mark taught himself HTML coding and cobbled together our first primative site. This new version is not yet complete - and will be constantly evolving - so we appreciate your patience as we work our way through the process of adding more information and, particularly, getting an e-commerce option up and running.

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NEW RELEASE - Woodland Caribou
Looking for a huge expanse of world-class wilderness paddling territory? Then Woodland Caribou Provincial Park in northwestern Ontario is the place to go. This 4,000 square kilometre network of over 5,000 rocky-shored lakes, rushing and meandering streams, roaring rapids and waterfalls, punctuated by open wetlands and rocky outcrops is unlike most other Ontario Parks in that access is only possible by flying or paddling in. There are several access points with parking on the Park boundary, but no roads in the Park, so you can be guaranteed the greatest seclusion possible in today’s world. Yet around the Park there is a healthy supply of outfitters, lodges and other services to assist your access to this wilderness, and park management works hard to keep campsites, portages and about 2,000 kilometres of paddling routes in good order.
ISBN: 0-929140-42-7 - $14.95

UPDATE - Akshyuk Pass, Auyuittuq National Park (Baffin Island)
It was about time to update our guide to this extraordinary hiking, backpacking and cross-country skiing area in Nunavut. It takes an effort to get there, but it is so worth it! This updated version has some important route changes caused by a washed-away bridge, and new emergency cabins, as well as some great new colour photographs.
ISBN: 0-929140-89-3 - $19.95

UPDATE - Awenda Provincial Park
Although a smallish park by some standards this little gem on the shore of Georgian Bay near Midland has lots to offer. Aside for a great collection of hiking trails, and a number of forested campground pods, there is also a lengthy shoreline worthy of beach walks and swimming.
ISBN: 0-929140-34-6 - $8.95

The Chrismar Difference:
When shopping for wilderness recreation maps, keep in mind "the Chrismar difference". We're the only company in Canada (and probably North America) that actually makes its own maps. That is we make every bit of our maps from scratch. Other companies simply trace outdated and generalized government topos that were never intended as wilderness guides (not that they tell you this). That's why our maps have so much more detail, and why they are considerably more accurate. Plus, we've actually been to the places we map, conducting field surveys (yes, paddling and hiking these great areas is part of our work!) to capture the important details others leave off. No wonder The Adventure Map® is the best selling wilderness topo!

NEW RELEASE - Mississagi River
If you like wilderness paddling in Ontario's near north, then this system of large and small lakes, narrow rivers, a few meandering sections and a fabulous waterfall at the end will keep your interest along it entire route. And anytime you have luminaries such as Grey Owl and Tom Thomson raving about the route, you know it's got to be good.

The Mississagi River begins at the head of the related Spanish River so you can even take the train to the eastern-most put-in. There are also several other access points along the way if your time is limited. As usual we've got the access points, official campsites, portages and lots of interesting freatures on the map with a full guide to the route, local history, safety tips and colour photos to start you drooling.

This complex area has enough paddling to keep you happy for several weeks, so we had to produce the map at 1:80,000 scale with 15-metre contours. Vetted by Park authorities as usual. Waterproof as usual.
ISBN: 0-929140-72-9 - $14.95

JULY 2012
Gros Morne Visit
Mark & Christine had a wonderful time visiting Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland - what a wide variety of activities are available here, including sea kayaking, extraordinary hiking routes, the wonder of 600-metre-high cliffs lining Western Brook Pond. We did as much as we could fit in. As always the locals were very friendly which make sthe whole experience very satisfying. And yes, we ARE thinking about an Adventure Map® of the Park.

NEW RELEASE - Glacier-Rogers Pass - Winter Version
This great big beautiful map guide is targetted at skiers, snowboarders and snowshoers visiting one of the world's great destinations for backcountry alpine adventure. We've had a Summer map for many years, which is geared to hikers and backpackers roaming the mountain ranges of Glacier National Park. Now we've almost doubled the size of that map and transformed it specifically for winter pursuits.

Special features include all the Winter Permit Areas, permitted parking areas, Trans Canada Highway no-stopping zones, popular run and route locations, lots of info about avalanche safety, and a bunch of pretty cool and inspirational photos. All combined with a superb 1:50,000 scale, 25-metre topographic map. Vetted by Park authorities as usual. Waterproof as usual.
ISBN: 0-929140-43-5 - $14.95

A New Beginning

Really looking forward to the 2012 season, as we've had a rough last year or so at Chrismar. Deaths (not ours) and life events (not ours) have really affected our families, so we needed to put our Chrismar hats mostly aside for a time while we focused on the more important things in life. Sorry about that.

But we're getting back in the saddle now and really excited about this year (and especially 2013) as a bunch of map guides we've been working on for several years are finally getting to the final stages. So watch for quite a few updates and new maps in the next couple of years. Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience.

JULY 2011
Yippee, Yahooo - Temagami 4 is finally here!

Took some doing but Temagami 4-Northwest is finally complete. This big map covers a huge area including western Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater, Solace, Sturgeon and Grays-Makobe Provincial Parks plus all the land in between. Of course it also slightly overlaps our popular Temagami 1 and Temagami 2 map guides, so we've now you the heart of Temagami covered for you with this series.
ISBN: 0-929140-80-X - $14.95

JUNE 2011
Enjoy hiking in the mountains? Well, we have a newly updated Glacier National Park-Rogers Pass map that will help you find your way. As noted earlier, we're differentiating between Summer (mainly hiking) and Winter (mainly skiing) maps now, so this is the new Summer map guide to superb frontcountry hiking and car camping, and even better backcountry backpacking, camping and mountaineering area. The new Winter map will be available late this year, just in time for you to plan a trip to one of the world's finest backcountry skiing destinations.

Spring is coming (or so I'm told as the snowstorm builds outside just now) and so our Adventure Map® work will continue this year with several in their final stages of production. With first editions it's always hard to know when the last 10% (the hardest part) will come together, but we expect to get out a few new maps this year (before or during the summer if we can).

MARCH 2010
New Decade! Happy New Year One & All!
Thanks to all of you for your support last year. This year we'll continue working hard on North America's finest series of wilderness recreation guides.

Last year was a bit of an off year for new Adventure Maps® as we were focused on Gary and Joanie McGuffin's Quetico: Into the Wild book, which is selling well We also spent much of the summer visiting various Ontario Parks doing research. That work will continue this year, but we're also back to a heavy focus on new Adventure Maps® again, with several in their final stages of production. With first editions it's always hard to know when the last 10% (the hardest part) will come together, but we expect to get out a bunch of new maps this year (before or in the summer if we can) including:

Temagami 4-Northwest - this one covers a huge area including western Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater, Solace, Sturgeon and Grays-Makobe Provincial Parks plus all the land in between. Of course it overlaps our popular Temagami 1 and Temagami 2 map guides.

Glacier National Park-Rogers Pass Winter Map - this is a new expanded version of our current Summer Map, and will be geared to winter skiing in the mountains, which is considerably different from summer hiking. The map is being expanded to cover more area and back side rewritten with text and photos geared especially to winter activities.

Plus we've got quite a few others underway, and, of course, the usual updates to some of our existing guides are also scheduled. We're sure all these new map guides will aid your wilderness experiences. Watch this site for further news, and enjoy planning your 2010 trips!

More Books:
We're pleased to be able to offer several more McGuffin books on this site, including Wilderness Ontario: A photographic celebration of Ontario's wilderness heritage, as well as several of their journeys books, including Great Lakes Journey, Superior Journey and In the Footsteps of Grey Owl. Outdoor adventurers, like the McGuffins and Chrismar, will appreciate the images and stories in these quality hardcover books. For more information go to our new Chrismar Books page.

Quetico: Into The Wild by Gary and Joanie McGuffin:

This dazzling new hardcover coffee-table book is the perfect gift for Quetico paddling enthusiasts, and will also be appreciated by paddlers who haven't yet been to Quetico (as soon as they see this book they'll want to go).

This full-colour top-quality book has been produced to celebrate Quetico's 100th Anniversary, and is chock full of superb colour photographs taken during numerous lengthy trips through Quetico in all seasons (including winter).

For more information go to our new Chrismar Books page. And start thinking about getting your signed copy of Quetico: Into The Wild now or for the upcoming Christmas season.
ISBN: 0-929140-99-0 - $29.95

Canadian River Expeditions 2014 Schedule
The folks at Canadian River Expeditions tell us that their 2014 sched of northern trips is now set, so if you're intrested in that trip of a lifetime on the Nahanni, Burnside, Wind, or Coppermine to mention just a few, check out their offerings ASAP at www.nahanni.com

White Squall Classes, Trips & Sale
The folks at White Squall (the primary outfitter on our Franklin, Mink, McCoy Islands map near Parry Sound) still have weekend paddling classes available until thanksgiving, as well as a bunch of interesting trips lined up including an Early Autumn Kayak Exploring Sept 28th-Oct 1st. Their rental fleet clearance sale is also ongoing. For more info contact White Squall at 705-342-5324.

Killarney Used Canoe & Sea Kayak Sale
Killarney Outfitters is selling its 2013 rental fleet of 16, 17 and 18.5-foot Souris River Quetico canoes, most of which are reconditioned to look new. So $3,500+ kevlar canoes can be had for a little over $2,000. Contact Killarney Outfiiters at 1-888-222-3410.

Daniel Trask, 28 years old, from Waterloo, Ont.
On November 3, 2011 Daniel drove to Temagami, bought some provisions and parked his car on Red Squirrel Road near Camp Wanapitei at Ferguson Bay, that is the last time anyone has seen or heard from him. On May 20, 2012 some of Daniel's clothing was found on the east side of the narrows between Diamond Lake and Lady Evelyn Lake (just south of the 30m portage at GR590308 on our Temagami 1 map). Family members and others are searching in that general area this summer and would welcome any assistance you can render. Please forward any information to find.dan@rogers.com. If you find other evidence in this area Do Not Remove It; instead, take a picture, note map or GPS coordinates and call OPP.

Paddle Across Canada Tour
The PACT folks begin their 5000km journey at Rocky Mountain House in Alberta and retrace the old Canadian fur trade routes in a historically-accurate 25 foot voyageur canoe all the way east to LaChine, Québec. Their mission is to revitalize the landscape of Canadian outdoor education to ensure that all children have the opportunity to experience the beauty of life outside. Donations welcomed.

JULY 30th to AUGUST 8th, 2013
Women's Paddling Adventure
Missinaibi Headwaters Outfitters is offering a great paddling trip down the Missinaibi River from below Thunderhouse Falls to Mossonee. Back south on the Polar Bear Express. For info contact Erin Pehar at
1-855-226-6366 or try this link. By the way, Chrismar is just finishing the last of their Missinaibi River series - Missinaibi 3-Mattice to Moosonee.

MAY 31st to JUNE 2nd, 2013
Sheltered Water Level 1 Course
On offer by White Squall at their facility near Parry Sound. It covers skills needed to paddle safely including route planning, map and compass, strokes, braces, rescues and safe travel protocols. For info contact White Squall at 705-342-5324.

MAY 1st , 2013

Most of the paddling routes south of Algonquin Park have been clear for a while now and water flows reasonable, the Barron Canyon Access Road opens in a couple of days, and the Spanish River won't be practical for a week or two more - Bisco Lake is not yet clear, there are large ice chunks in the river and very high flows. Spring is still just peeking around the corner urther north above and west of Lake Superior so another week or two would be prudent. Or so our contacts tell us. Time now to get your gear ready and checked. Happy paddling!

MARCH 23, 2013
REEL Paddling Fest
White Squall in Parry Sound, the well-known kayaking outfitter is hosting this combination paddling film festival and gear auction extravaganza at the Stokey Centre in Parry Sound, with proceeds from the auction going to Global Medic www.globalmedic.ca who provide first response disaster relief. A worthy cause. For more info. call White Squall at (705) 746-4936.

Neil Hartling - Elected Fellow of Canadian Geographical Society
Well known northern river guide and outfitter Neil Hartling has been elected to be a "Fellow" of the Society which is dedicated to imparting a broader knowledge and deeper appreciation of Canada — its people and places, its natural and cultural heritage and its environmental, social and economic challenges. Congrats Neil.

MARCH 16-17, 2013
Ottawa Outdoor & Adventure Travel Show
A collection of all kinds of outdoor and travel businesses displaying their wares, doing demos and generally having a rollicking great time talking about hiking, paddling and travel stuff. Being held at the Ernst & Young Centre, 4899 Uplands Drive near Ottawa International Airport.

FEBRUARY 22-24, 2013
Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show
Another, even bigger collection of all kinds of outdoor and travel businesses displaying their wares, doing demos and generally having a rollicking great time talking about hiking, paddling and travel stuff. Being held at The International Centre, 6900 Airport Road, near Pearson International Airport.

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