The Adventure Map® Series

The Adventure Map® is Canada's finest series of original topographic recreation maps featuring National Parks, Provincial Parks and other popular destinations. These extraordinary guides are specifically designed for outdoor adventurers such as hikers, backpackers, and canoeing enthusiasts who need an accurate, up-to-date, rugged map to get them into and safely back from Canada's finest wilderness recreation areas.

Note: The Adventure Map® is a registered trademark in Canada and the United States.

Signs, Books, Equipment & Program Design

Looking for a comprehensive map guide to selected regions in Southern Ontario? Each map in the Your Guide series features major and minor roads, long distant trails, recreation areas, conservation areas, provincial and national parks, historic features, and other attractions.

Plus we provide facility details, colour photos and contact information for everything from hiking trails to cross-country ski resorts to campgrounds to birding areas, and much more on the backside of each map. The Your Guide series is a great way to find popular recreation areas and attractions in selected counties and regions of Southern Ontario.

Founded in 1983, Chrismar Mapping Services Inc. is a leading publisher of custom-designed, made-to-order maps and promotional products of all types.

We produce stand-alone maps in a wide variety of forms, as well as other high-quality publications for the business, recreation and tourist markets.

We conceptualize, design, layout, offset print and/or webpublish everything from trail guides to tourist brochures to gold mine plans to city transportation guides to snowmobile maps to shopping guides to...well, you name it, we've probably worked on something similar.

In addition to maps, Chrismar is a major supplier of campsite, portage and trail signs for parks, conservation areas, outdoor education centres, summer camps and hiking trail & canoe route maintenance crews. These high-quality, UV-protected signs help people find their way in the wilderness, just like our maps do. They also make a great souvenir or gift for the avid adventurer.

Chrismar also designs and produces high-quality indoor and outdoor interpretive, trailhead, historical signs, including super-tough fiberglass-embedded signs for all-weather, year-round long-lasting performance.

Finally, Chrismar has long specialized in navigation and orienteering-related products and services for outdoor education centres and schools. We supply orienteering markers, pin punches, compasses, instructional manuals, prize ribbons, schoolyard maps, and program design. In addition, over 30,000 students, teachers, police, and military have benefited from Chrismar's instructional services. For more info on this particular service call us.

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